Timberwolves Roster


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Mandy Timberwolves Roster

Mandy asks…

Timberwolves roster as of today?

There have been so many players flying everywhere. Can you tell me what the T-Wolves are as of today, and what their starting 5 look like?

Chip answers:


Roster’s at the bottom of the page.

I would guess(No Rubio)-
SG- Richardson?
SF- Gomes
PF- Love?
C- Al Jefferson

With Rubio-

Linda Timberwolves Roster

Linda asks…

Who would u start on the timberwolves roster? Why?

Chip answers:

PG – Foye – With KG out for the last two games of the year, Foye stepped up with 22.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 5.5 apg, 2.5 treys and 2.0 spg. Foye can shoot from outside and take defenders off the dribble at will and really is their only option.

SG – Gerald Green – He averaged almost 16.0 points and 1.8 treys per game in 26 starts with the Celtics last season. He’s an excellent athlete with great potential.

SF – Ricky Davis – Contract year. Nuff said.

PF – Ryan Gomes – He’s a polished player with a nice inside/outside game. Ranked in the top 50 for FG% and rpg last season.

C – Al Jefferson – Has star potential. Ranked 20 in bpg while averaging a double-double.

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Fishing Games


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Thomas Fishing Games

Thomas asks…

Fishing games?

Anyone know where you can download fishing games similar to Nab-N-Grab offered at Bigfishgames.com.

Chip answers:

There is a nice list of downloadable fishing games here


Hopefully there will be something there that suits your needs.

Lisa Fishing Games

Lisa asks…

fishing games!!!?????!!??

idc if i have to download anything i just want fishing games!!!!!

Chip answers:

Not sure I completely understand the question, but for a great fishin’ game it be Pro Fishing Challenge (Online and single player). It is the closest one can get to the real thing ;)!!! Trust me I’ve been fishin’ for over 50 years… The only draw-back it be on the original Xbox and not the 360. There are quite a few games on the market ~ Rapala’s, Cabela’s, along with Bass Pro, ta’ name a few. Pro Fishing Challenge is hard ta’ find (so I’ve been told!?)… Ya’ might try ebay (last link). With the PFC game one starts out with a small aluminum boat (4 hp icon sad Fishing Games ), but can win up to a 19′ Bass boat with 225 hp outboard, more fishin’ gear ie., tackle, rods, reels etc., by playing the single person fishin’ tournaments. To reiterate, not to sure on your question, but gave it my best shot ;)…



Cabela’s (This be both huntin’ and fishin’ in Alaska):


Bass Pro:


Pro Fishing Challenge icon wink Fishing Games icon wink Fishing Games :


ebay (has a few more different videos, along with the Pro Fishing Challenge game):

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Your Questions About Conservation Easement


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David Your Questions About Conservation Easement

David asks…

Conservation Easement and a Fence?

I live on an acre of land.
The last 50 feet of the property is set aside as a conservation easement.
I have a problem with people cutting through my yard.
I am not looking to cut down any trees.
I am not looking to put up a privacy fence.
I just want to put a fence at the back of my property including the easement.
I was told I could put a fence in front of the easement but would feel like I am abandoning 50 feet of my property that I pay taxes for.

I have heard that you can put a non-permanent structure (fence without concrete)
Does anyone know if this is true?
Does anyone have any ideas?

Chip answers:

I’m a title examiner/underwriter; You can build on a regular easement; but if at some point the easement holder needs access he can actually have the fence removed at your expense. Conservation easements are different though, because of the nature of what the easement is in benefit of.

I think you need to avoid the easement totally to be safe.

Lisa Your Questions About Conservation Easement

Lisa asks…

A conservation easement would be best suited to offset which of the following threats to biodiversity?

A.) Habitat loss

B.) Overharvesting

C.) Habitat Degradation

D.) Exotic species

Chip answers:

A. Habitat Loss

Robert Your Questions About Conservation Easement

Robert asks…

Should a landowner’s Conservation Easement trump a business’s Right to develop mineral resources?

Chip answers:


The rights of the landowner should ALWAYS trump the “right” of business to deny landowners the quiet enjoyment of their own properties.

That said, I am finding that oil and gas do damned near whatever they want to landowners, right to “quiet enjoyment”, be damned…indeed, oil and gas are specifically exempted from private nuisance laws in the state of Wyoming.

Linked is the oil well right outside of my front window…

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