Why You Should Never Feel Ashamed to Seek Help


Posted by JR Olson | Posted in Health And Fitness | Posted on 26-11-2015

If you suffer from an alcohol, narcotic, or drug addiction, and are ready to begin your steps to recovery, you may find that you feel ashamed asking for the help you need. This may be because you have gone to great lengths to shield your addiction from your friends, family members, and colleagues, or because you are beating yourself up for allowing yourself to succumb to an addiction. If embarrassment or shame is keeping you from getting the help you need, don’t let it any longer, and consider the factors below.

It Is Often The Most Impact Full Step You Can Take

When it comes to addiction, admitting that you have a problem is the first and most important step toward recovery. Once someone owns their addiction, they can begin focusing on ways to overcome it. While it is possible to overcome addictions independently, seeking out professional assistance will provide you with tools and resources to give you the best chance of success. This could be anything from helping you manage your withdrawals, joining a support group with others in recovery, and participating in talk therapy.

It Will Help To Identify Your Triggers

As an addict there are sure to be circumstances that led to your addiction, and triggers that increase your desire for your drug of choice. By working through the emotional circumstances that may have led to your addiction, and identifying specific triggers, you can begin to be redefine who you are emotionally, and look for ways to overcome your triggers.

Your Loved Ones May Not Be The Support You Need

The truth is there are many addictions out there, and some are far more difficult for your loved ones to comprehend than others. For example, you may have an obese family member with a food or sugar addiction, and still find that they are extremely judgmental of your drug or alcohol use. While there are differences between the effects these addictions have on others, the one thing they both have in common is that addiction is very difficult to overcome. If you have loved ones saying things like, “Just set your mind to it” or “Stop throwing your life away”, it can be damaging to your self-esteem. Even if their intentions are good, their approach may not help you work toward finding a solution. You may also have reached the point where certain bridges have been burned, and your loved ones are no longer available for the healthy level of support that you need.

You Must Begin Putting Yourself First

As an addict you may have come to the point where the most important thing in your day-to-day life is your need for your drug of choice. Your addiction may have damaged your personal and professional life, at the expense of your health and wellbeing. While you may feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help in overcoming your addiction, getting help is the best way to put yourself first.


Mark Carter is a freelance health blogger based in San Antonio, Texas. Houstonians in need of professional assistance in the area of rehabilitation should consider a leading drug detox center.

Why You Should Build Your Own Gazebo


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If you are looking for ways to upgrade and enhance your yard, you may be considering building your own gazebo. A gazebo may sound at first like a formal addition to your yard, but they can be built from a wide variety of building plans and with the built-in features and functions that best fit your needs and style. Even if you already have a patio or deck for your outdoor entertainment, adding a gazebo comes with many benefits.


The primary difference between gazebos and a standard covered patio or deck is that gazebos have an added touch of elegance. By creatively selecting the paint color of your gazebo, the color and type of roof shingles, and internal furniture and décor—you can create a beautiful structure for your outdoor leisure and entertainment needs. While traditional gazebos have a round or octagon-like shape, you can look for building plans that offer unique shapes, creative elevation, and multiple entrances and exits to best meet your design aesthetic.

Additional Function

Whether your gazebo is large or small, it will add versatility and functionality to your yard. When you are looking at different plans to decide which type of gazebo you would like to build, you may be surprised to find that gazebos can be built with many different elements to best support the functionality you desire. This could be anything from an open-air gazebo to a semi-enclosed gazebo to a fully enclosed gazebo to a screened-in gazebo or a gazebo designed for a specific function like outdoor dining or meditation.

Increased Property Value

Your gazebo will be considered an additional structure on your property as well as an additional landscaping element—which increases your property value. Once you build your gazebo, ensure that you perform regular maintenance just as you would on any other element of your home. This includes keeping it clean, pressure washing periodically, repainting as needed, and ensuring the foundation and structure are sound. This will help protect the investment you have made in your gazebo and ensure that it is a valuable addition to your home.

Great for Yards of All Sizes

Even if your yard is on the smaller side, adding a gazebo can be quite beneficial. For example, if you have a fairly small yard and not much of a green thumb, you could build a gazebo instead of investing your time and energy into adding more landscape elements. That way your yard has a beautiful focal point, and you can focus more on decorating your gazebo and less on planting flowerbeds and gardens. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a large yard that goes primarily unused, adding a decorative pathway to a large gazebo can increase the options you and your family have for entertaining outdoors. A gazebo can be the primary focal point of your outdoor space, or it can be a way for you to break up different areas of your yard.

Before you build your gazebo, ensure that you have all the building permits that are required by the city or county, and ensure that your building practices are in compliance with all local building codes.


Perry Burke is a freelance writer based in Toronto, CA. Houston residents who’ve considered a gazebo may also want to consider one of the professionally-installed pergolas in Houston by wood-crafters.com.

What are Perforated Metal Panels?


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Perforated metal panels are metal sheets with holes punched through them to create a specified pattern. Versatile and aesthetic, perforated metal panels can be used for a variety of functions, including enclosures, furniture, walkways, building façades, ceilings, and grating. In this article we will examine the various functional, architectural, and visual uses for perforated metal panels in parking garages.


Toxic air pollutants inside a parking garage include known carcinogens. Exposure to these toxins within parking garages is concerning because of the pedestrian proximity to the pollutants as well as the intensity of the car and truck activity within this semi-enclosed environment. Perforated metal panels, when used in place of solid barriers, allow for increased ventilation in parking garages, offering better health and well being for pedestrians.

Visual Screen

Perforated architectural metal panels can be custom designed with a variety of shapes and patterns perforated, bumped, or punched into their surfaces. Perforations create an open-air aesthetic for air and light. This makes for a visually captivating screen that adds a creative and artistic touch to an otherwise bland structure, elegantly integrating a garage into its urban surroundings.


When daylight is allowed to transverse a façade, the result is an elevating and uplifting of the atmosphere that is both visually pleasing and safety-minded. Filtered daylight provides better illumination for drivers within the garage, and it may also cut down on the energy costs of daytime artificial lighting. The interplay of light through the screen will create fascinating shadows that vary with the time of day.

Weather Screen

Installed on vertical surfaces, perforated metal panels can block substantial wind and rain without preventing air and light flow. This feature makes perforated metal panels ideal for protecting walkways within parking garages while simultaneously providing adequate ventilation.

Promote Drainage

Many perforated metal panels have load-bearing capabilities, allowing them to be utilized for walking and working surfaces, both horizontally and vertically. Consequently, they work well in areas where fast drainage is critical. Panels with a heavier gauge may be used for stairwell and catwalk construction to prevent puddle formation and maintain safe walking surfaces.

Noise Reduction

Noise impacts can be severe if a parking garage is situated alongside a busy traffic corridor like an expressway or a heavily commuted inner-city main street. Specific architectural design can help control and diffuse the noise within a parking garage. With proper attention to acoustical considerations, architecture can considerably help alleviate unnecessary and unnerving noise. Placed correctly, perforated metal panels can act as sound barriers while maintaining aesthetic qualities.

Contributes to LEED Credit for Recycled Content

Most perforated metal panels in production are made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled aluminum. This allows their usage in a parking garage project to fulfill credit toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. An LEED certification comes with the credibility that a project is conserving energy, water, and other resources, and has lower operating costs and increased asset value. Certification qualifies the builder for money-saving incentives like tax rebates and zoning allowances. As a bonus, at the end of their useful life these aluminum panels are fully recyclable.


Damian Munson is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. Damian suggests that those who’d like to learn more direct their attention to the perforated metal panels from Wade Architectural Systems.