Portable Solar Panels: The Must-Have Device for Truckers


Posted by JR Olson | Posted in Energy Conservation Tips | Posted on 22-10-2014

The Usefulness of Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels have become a way to fuel and recharge the devices that every trucker uses on the road, including a smartphone, laptop, GPS, iPods, and other devices. The benefit of a solar panel is that using it does not drain the battery of a car or truck. A solar panel uses energy from the sun and converts it to make it available for recharging these devices. A trucker can instantly access items that are charged using a portable solar panel.

In general, solar power is beneficial as an alternative to electricity for its impact on the environment. Those who are environmentally aware can appreciate that solar power is a renewable resource. This means that it does not simply dissipate upon being used. Every day the sun’s rays can be used to fuel products that run upon solar energy. Also, there are no carbon emissions or pollution being released into the environment when a person uses a portable solar panel. Truckers do not have to worry about polluting the environment when they use portable solar panels.

Portable solar panels also last for a long time. Other types of chargers may only last for a certain number of charges. After one of these kinds of charges is used up it will then need to be replaced. This is not the case with solar power chargers because solar power chargers can last for a lifetime.

Charging Products & Gadgets in Trucks

Portable solar panels can be used to charge a wide array of products. Most commonly, drivers use portable solar panels to charge a smartphone. A portable solar panel usually features a foldable panel that collects power from the sun. It can be left out on a dashboard for long car rides under the sun, and it will collect power during this time.

For truckers who are on the go or may be staying in outdoor camp venues, a portable solar panel can also be helpful. The panel can be used to charge devices if there is a situation where there are no electrical outlets available. It is always a good idea to have a portable solar panel on hand to charge gadgets in the event of an emergency. One never knows when he or she may be stranded without access to electricity. Having a device that is able to provide power to a laptop or smartphone can be crucial in this type of situation.

The Benefits of Portable Solar Panels & Green Living

One of the major benefits of using portable solar panels is that they will charge smartphones and other products very fast. They may charge these products 100 percent faster than the time it takes for a smartphone to consume energy. For a trucker who is always using a smartphone and other gadgets on the road, this can be a significant benefit.

A portable solar panel will also stop using energy as soon as a product is fully charged. It contains smart chips that will prevent the device from taking in unnecessary energy. Portable solar panels also tend to be very lightweight, and this ensures they can easily be set up and transported in other cars and trucks.

Overall, portable solar panels are a smart investment for the minimal impact that they have on the environment. In addition, they can be of great help in situations where people do not have access to electricity.

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Magic the Gathering: Game for the Brain


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Though it may seem that a majority of people think that card games such as Magic: The Gathering are designed for nerds or geeks, there is a very compelling reason to consider taking up this entertaining hobby. Magic: The Gathering can be incredibly helpful and healthy for the mind. Brain development is a constant process throughout someone’s life with neural pathways being built each time new information enters the senses. While any hobby stimulates brain activity, Magic: The Gathering offers a bit more of a complex array of benefits to keep a mind healthy.

Focus on Strategy

In addition to the interesting fantasy character aspect, it is a game of patience where focus and withholding or saving a spell may clinch a win. In the modern age of ADD and ADHD, it is advantageous to market a hobby that requires focus and sticking to an objective while simultaneously working with distractions. In a skilled Magic: The Gathering match, a red herring might be offered by another player to entice an attack, or draw the use of a countering spell. If the player is not focused and paying attention to which cards have or have not been played, then it may result in a catastrophic error that costs him the match.

Players must maintain seven card hands, discarding down to seven at the end of each turn. When deciding which cards to forfeit, it requires planning that benefits the same type of brain functioning as a chess player uses. The heart of strategy in Magic: The Gathering comes from understanding what could potentially happen in a match with the opponent. Whether to discard down, use spells or declare attackers hinges on the permutations of choices an opponent can make, or the cause and effect of future plays.

Staying Young Longer

Strengthening memory is an incredible tactic that can slow down aging and make everyday activities much less taxing. Magic: The Gathering cards total nearly 13,000, with over 6,000 of those being creatures. In a deck, conventionally made up of 60 cards, any permutation of those 13,000 cards could be used. In addition to remembering the lands, which are the most basic and commonly used cards, those many combinations are the basis of playing strategically. The more data a player remembers from all the possible combinations of cards increases the chances of winning the match because he or she can anticipate an upcoming play.

It is not uncommon for newer players to the game to feel completely overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information to take in for their odds of winning a match to increase. Brain development and memory-flexing comes from the repeated use of these cards in matches, or by repeated deck construction. Constructing a deck assists in memory management because while there may be 400 cards that fit the theme, objective, or strategy a player chooses for a deck, only 60 can make the cut. Subtract the 22-26 lands and it leaves just 34-38 available choices. Knowing what cards are available to fill those vacancies in deck design builds the player’s memory as a winning combination is sought.

Exciting Exercise

Consider the benefits for the brain when taking up playing Magic: The Gathering. It is a simple game to learn, but will exercise a player’s neurons through strenuous exceptions to rules, combinations of cards, and all the little nuances that make it an exciting fantasy escape from reality.


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The Top 10 Safest Vehicles on the Road


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Once a year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looks at accident records to determine the safest vehicles on the road. The Institute uses actual accident records over a period of four years and requires that each vehicle they rate have at least 100,000 models on the road at the time. The Institute prides itself on using real world road and driver accident results, not tests in a laboratory. These models were tested over the 2005-2008 vehicle years. Here are the results of their latest review:

1. Audi A6 – This 4WD luxury sedan that can seat six offers a great combination of handling, braking and high visibility. The car rated the top in its class for luxury sedans, meaning it has the lowest accident rating and the lowest injury rating during an accident.

2. Mercedes E Class 4WD 4Matic – This is the safest version of this model. While the regular Class E is a fairly safe ride, the E Class 4WD 4Matic is several steps higher on the safety list. This car also rated at the top for luxury sedans, tied with the Audi A6.

3. Toyota Siena – This is the top rated van of the larger vans. This van offers space, better handling and stopping and an assist from some electronic devices. Toyota has had some issues with some of its products recently, but this van is not one of those.

4. Ford Edge – This is the only SUV or CUV to obtain a top rating from the Institute. This type of cars no longer has rolled over issues and have strong roofs over the passenger areas. This CUV has great stability and tractions despite its large size.

5. Nissan Armada – the large 4WD SUV obtained a top rating from the Institute which came as a surprise to some of its competition. This vehicle is large and requires careful handling on sharp curves. Its sturdy build provides a large group with the highest level of safety.

6. Range Rover Sport 4WD – This midsize SUV is the top in the luxury SUV class. Its sturdy build and precise handling on and off the road make this SUV a safe vehicle. Range Rover does not advertise its safety; it just keeps selling vehicles.

7. Land Rover LR3 4WD – This large SUV also rated top in its class. It has the same build as the Range Rover and is just as safe. This is a good choice in a large, luxury SUV.

8. Honda CR-V – This small crossover vehicle is the highest rated Honda vehicle by the Institute. Its low center of gravity plus other safety gear place it second on the Institute’s list in this class. This vehicle has good handling and a great repair record.

9. Jeep Grand Cherokee – This midsize SUV is second on the Institute’s list in this model class. Build to drive through any off road conditions, it is also quite safe on paved roads as well. Jeep continues its reputation as a safe off-road vehicle.

10. Acura MDX – This midsize SUV is second in its class with this model including new crumple zones, a nimble chassis, and good rollover protection. This model is a good buy for the safety minded.

So, there you have it. To view the ratings of the rest of the vehicles tested by the Institute, click here.

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