Conservation of Natural Resources


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natural resource24 Conservation of Natural Resources
Kum Martin asked:

No doubt that earth has enormous amount of natural resources, but the way it being used one day these will fall short and who knows that our future generations may not get anything at all. Before such a situation arises all of us have to start taking actions on conservation of our natural resources.

Since ages mankind has been using this abundant resource as if they would never end. But such a casual attitude of human beings has lead to a situation where the depletion of natural resources has started. Nature has its own balance since its creation, and any imbalance in this would definitely give rise to negative consequences. The time has come when the present world has to seriously act and not just talk about conservation of natural resources. We cannot afford to be selfish anymore. There are various methods of saving our natural resources.

Simply spreading the awareness to our friends, colleagues and children would do great. Let people know what they would be facing in future. Planting as many trees as possible would curb the menace of deforestation. If on one side trees are being cut, at the other side more and more trees can be planted. Use recycled paper products only. When not required, you should try to avoid using paper altogether. Go for e-billing, e-greeting cards, e-mails and e-banking services. All these would save lot of paper. Actively participate in all conservation programs that are being conducted in your locality.

Like trees, equally important is conservation of water. Adopt rain water harvesting process. Instead of using shower, use a bucket. For cleaning dishes and utensils, use water that is filled in the sink. This will save lot of water. Dumping of non-biodegradable wastage in rivers, ponds, lakes and seas should be completely stopped. These products pollute the water and spread diseases and also destroy the aquatic species.

Save electricity. This means switching off electrical appliances, gadgets and lights when not in use. Steps should be also taken to reduce the carbon emission, and one such way is to reduce and minimize the use of automobiles. People should start thinking about walking to work, or even using bicycles instead of cars.

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