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soil conservation10 Conservation Project Ideas?
Adam asked:

Im doing a Hornaday Award for the BSA and I am required to complete 4 conservation projects in the following areas:
Energy conservation
Soil and water conservation
Fish and wildlife management
Forestry and range management
Air and water pollution control
Resource recovery (recycling)
Hazardous material disposal and management
Invasive species control

I have to do 1 project from 4 different categories, I have already decided to do invasive species control and fish and wildlife management.

For invasive species control, i am removing buck thorn. the organization i am working for does not allow herbicides, does anyone have an idea of how to remove it, i was originally going to pull it out.

For Fish and Wildlife Management, i am going to build animal habitats to increase animal population, does anyone have any ideas of how i could make these and keep them as natural looking as possible? I was thinking bat houses, but I would like more ideas

now i need to do 2 more projects, does anyone have any ideas? these cant be simple projects such as picking up trash or planting flowers, these have to be extraordinary projects

I am going to have as much help as i need, so the size of the project is no major obstacle

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Fortune 5 Minutes

for resource recovery, you and your friends could make lots of bird feeders from 2 and 3 liter pop bottles and a few sticks for foot holds. We had a group of girl scouts do this for a service project and it turned out wonderful.

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Invasive species are very claver in alien land. They are able to invade new land because they found themselves very adoptive to new land as no natural predator/consumer is there. So they enjoy their growth and multiplication. You need to take precaution about seed dispersal. Its seed is viable for about five years so there is always possibility of its regeneration. You can find some methods in
check it, may be some useful information is there.

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soil and water conservation: consult with your low soil and water conservation district to identify projects where you can improve soil and water quality. example include fencing cows out of streams, stenciling stormwater catch basins, building a rain garden to capture and infiltrate stormwater runoff, stream restoration, install a pet waste receptacle, etc.

recycling: start a program at your school, petition your town to provide the service if not already

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You can spray the invasive species with diesel it usually kills it off in a couple of days if not it will burn nicely.

For fish and wildlife you could show how hunters thin herds and remove deer that have deformed antlers.

For resource recovery scrap the inside of your weed bowl and smoke the resin.

For energy conservation spend an entire saturday on the couch, you will have saved %14 of your weekly energy

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Energy conservation: You could do an energy use audit of a local business (I would think not a manufacturing plant, but a retail facility or business office) and recommend changes to save energy. If you are savvy, you could calculate (or measure) energy use before and after the changes have been implemented (or predict energy savings). You could then convert the energy savings to carbon savings and cost savings.

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Physical removal of Buckthorn is the only real non-chemical control method. Wear gloves when you pull it. Larger clumps can be pulled out with a lawn tractor or larger vehicle if one can get close enough to loop chain around the base of the plant.

For your energy conservation, go to and see if you can cut your energy usage in half, and maybe help others who might also be interested to do the same. You can also learn how to reglaze and weatherize windows and then teach others to do the same, and then get some volunteers together to help out some of the elderly or disabled in your area living in older homes.

Animals are very adaptive to their environment, sinking clean tree branches in an area of water where Bass are found can help their numbers some, but check with local agencies to make sure it is okay. Permits may be required. Otherwise planting trees and clearing brush makes for good habitat, clear understory from wooded areas but maintain some brush piles for animals to use for shelter or nesting areas well away from roads or paths when possible. This can be done in conjunction with your Buckthorn removal, just make sure it is not the Buckthorn that is getting piled up. This also helps reduce the chances for wildfires spreading if done on a large enough scale.

For resouroce recovery, work with your local units of governments and coordinate a recycling event in conjunction with an existing event such as household hazardous waste collection, or something similar. You could coordinate the handling and disposal of old appliances and electronics for example. You would obviously be collecting money for the appliances and electronics as they need to be disposed of correctly, wither you break them down to their component materials, or charge enough to cover your costs of handling the items while getting them routed to the correct locations for disposal.

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Did you know a cat that is allowed to roam outside can kill more songbirds than a wind turbine? You could save the lives of many birds by researching this issue, and then teaching people in your town how important it is to keep their cats indoors?

If you are interested in the lobbying process, you could help forests by asking your members of Congress to sign on as sponsors or the Community Forest Conservation Act. Here’s some information on it.
“There‚Äôs a proposal in Congress to add a powerful new tool to the working forest conservation toolbox. A unique coalition of conservation organizations, timber companies and business leaders has formed to advance legislation in Congress that would enable non-profit conservation organizations to use municipal bonds to purchase working forests for both long-term conservation and economically sustainable timber management.
The bill could conserve an estimated 2.2 million acres of working forests throughout the country and preserve an estimated 13,500 direct and indirect jobs using private capital markets.
The Community Forestry Conservation Act of 2009 (H.R. 3302, S. 1501) was introduced in July by a bi-partisan group of legislators. Supporters now include Senate co-sponsors Patty Murray (D-WA), Mike Crapo (R-ID), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and House of Representatives co-sponsors Mike Thompson (D-CA), Jim McDermott (D-WA), and Dave Reichert (R-WA). ”

If you want to work on the most significant issue, that would be global warming. We used to think that air pollution was just chemicals and soot that you could see or taste in the air. Now greenhouse gases have been defined as air pollutants by the US Supreme Court (EPA v Mass) and by the Environmental Protection Agency.
The damages of climate change are affecting our soil, our water, our wildlife, forests and many other aspects of our lives.
The Climate Challenge, 101 Solutions to Global Warming by Guy Dauncey is a well written new book that has websites to direct you to information about hundreds of ways that people, organizations and governments are reducing their carbon footprint.

Good luck with your projects.

I’ve got a project to complete and that i need ideas..I’ve many but can’t appear to narrow it lower. Occasions that spring to mind may be the Cuban Missel Crisis, Mao Zedong’s 100 flowers campaign, Stalin and Lenin’s utilization of propaganda….

P.S. I can not do anything whatsoever which has related to Hitler cause Used to do a paper on him once before and today need to think about another thing.

I want ideas in my physics project due in a few days. I simply need a concept of a great model that shows how kinetic energy works (I must build that model myself). Thanks.

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