Limestone Tiles – Most Useful Natural Resource


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natural resource8 Limestone Tiles   Most Useful Natural Resource
Jason Colling asked:

Limestone rocks are used in agriculture and many industries. This is one of the stones which has maximum usage. Crushed form of Limestone is used in building material as concrete. This stone supplies a wide range of wall rocks, limestone, granite, cobble stone and a large assortment of garden stones and boulder outcropping rocks and supplies. Many rocks that we see everyday are made up of mixture of different minerals, but limestone is one of the unique stones which are made up of only one mineral, that is Calcite. This rock is one of the most soft and fragile rocks present on the earth, and due to this there are little fossils attached with these rocks.

Limestone found under the sea or oceans is composed of Dead Sea creatures and some shells that get assembled at the bottom of the oceans. There are also many other sediments which get attached to these decayed substances. With the passage of time, due to immense pressure on these substances, they form a cemented layer which later forms a hardcore rock. When used in pure form, it is hard enough to be used in counters, floors, paving, surface re-facing.

Limestone is one of the most popular stones for the architectural purposes especially in places like North America and Europe. It is also used as base material for the roads and foundations, and in the laboratories and scientific purposes like purification of glass. It also removes impurities from the molten form of iron. It is used in the production of Portland cement and in daily life as filler and abrasive in toothpaste. It is also the producer of quicklime and slaked lime.

Limestone tiles flooring is getting very popular now a days and looks very impressive and modern. Lastly, nature has given us a lot of beautiful materials which humans are now utilising in a much planned manner.

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