Soil Conservation – A Natural Resource


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natural resource Soil Conservation   A Natural Resource
John Yazo asked:

Permaculture gardening emulates nature, and soil conservation is a major concern. Protecting this natural resource, soil, that your crops are grown in is very important. Crops thrive when the soil they are planted in is healthy. Organic methods of gardening will greatly benefit the soil and plant life in your gardens.

Soil is one of the most important natural resources we have, and is rarely even though of as being a natural resource that needs to be conserved. The concept of soil conservation takes into account strategies to prevent soil erosion, and preventing it from losing its fertility caused by adverse alteration in its chemical composition.

Erosion by surface water runoff, or wind can destroy the structure of soil. Soil needs to be protected, and minimizing the exposure to these natural occurring elements is very important. Maintaining a bare soil with organic mulch, and planting ground covers are two methods that will greatly benefit your garden.

Mulching and planting ground cover will protect soil, along with improving its structure. From compaction that can be caused by rain, to replenishing the nutrients that plant life need to survive are all major concerns to have a healthy soil structure. If soil is left exposed, nature will fill in the space naturally, unfortunately with weeds.

The method of no-till gardening is a great way to preserve soil naturally. When a soil is turned over, the soil structure can be harmed by deeper layers of soil are brought to the surface, and exposed to the sun. The natural life that lives under the ground surface live in there own world of darkness, and work hard improving the structure of soil, along with replenishing nutrients for plant life to benefit from naturally. Disturbing this ecosystem can do it more harm than good.

Garden beds are another great method of gardening that can maintain a good healthy soil structure, as long as the size of the bed is designed so all areas can be reached without having to walk on the garden bed. Stepping on the soil in a garden bed can harm the soil structure by compacting it, preventing both air and water from penetrating to depths needed for plant life to benefit from. This can affect the health of plants, and restrict the growth of plants, along with reducing productivity.

Maintaining a healthy soil structure is very important when incorporating permaculture principles into your gardening practices. Watch closely how nature works naturally in the environment around your yard, and apply what you learn in your gardens.

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