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Susan Lean And Green Meal Ideas   Natural Resources

Susan asks…

I am on a diet and it is hard to cook for the family. I have to make two different meals. I need ideas where

I don’t have to cook two different meals for myself and the kids. I would appreciate ideas including low carb green and white veggies. I can eat white meat, lean red meats (but I don’t eat red meats often), and seafood.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Chip answers:

1] cook the same meat/fish/chicken for everyone.
2] make the same salad for everyone – let each add his own dressing- use only fresh veggies [ no olives, croutons, etc. ]
3] cook one ‘starch’ – potatoes, rice, noodles, lima beans, cooked carrots, corn, or peas
4] and cook one low carb veggie – beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, squash
5] fill your plate with
1 serving of meat [ about 1/4 of lunch plate ]
1 serving of starch [ 1/4 plate ]
2 servings low carb and or salad or fruit [ 1/2 plate ]

Michael Lean And Green Meal Ideas   Natural Resources

Michael asks…

Does this sound like a good meal plan idea?

I want to make my own meals. I see that nutrisystem and jenny craig have their own little portioned meals. I was thinking of making meals and freezing them.
Some meal ideas include:
having a skinless, boneless, chicken breast and one cup of cooked vegitables and then a salad. Another one would be a piece of lean hamburger, cup of veggies (ex. corn or green beans) and salad. For breakfast just have one egg and a piece of fruit
snacks would be gronola bars or low fat special k bars
Any suggestions are welcome
I will also be exercising too

Chip answers:

I think it sounds good – we eat boneless chicken just about every day. Instead of hamburger, try turkey burgers – they’re just as good and less fattening. For breakfast if you like oatmeal, add oatmeal on some days with 2-3 egg whites – mmmmmmmmmm! Try almonds or cashews for small snacks or even a tablespoon of peanut butter. Don’t forget to drink LOTS of water.

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