Soil erosion in the United States? 10 points?


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soil conservation Soil erosion in the United States? 10 points?
Dhoni Singh asked:

a. is virtually under control given all the conservation practices implemented.

b. is highest in the northeastern states.

c. has not been adequately mapped by the Soil Conservation Service.

d. is causing over 50 percent of farmlands in this country to erode faster than the soil can be replaced.

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Your Questions About What Natural Resources Does The United States Have


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George Your Questions About What Natural Resources Does The United States Have

George asks…

What natural resources does the United States have that will attract people in the future?

umm, for the 2 answers, i was asking for ‘natural resources‘. non-man made objects. like coal, oil, and such.

in other words, nature
can you people explain it more simply? it’s hard to understand.
and also, it’s ‘natural resources

Chip answers:

“Natural resources (economically referred to as land or raw materials) occur naturally within environments that exist relatively undisturbed by mankind, in a natural form. A natural resource is often characterized by amounts of biodiversity existent in various ecosystems.

Natural resources are derived from the environment. Many of them are essential for our survival while others are used for satisfying our wants. Natural resources may be further classified in different ways.”

You need to clarify your question please, you come back with a more indirect way of saying these answers are not what you are looking for. I really think it’s the question that may be confusing others, not the answers people are giving.

I will again give my answers regarding how I am understanding the question you asked.

For tourism = Our National and State Park systems are a great source of attraction to the U. S. As we learn to use their resources to extract other natural resources for use of energy consumption without damaging the ecosystem or enviroment of the Parks, that too will attract more “people in the future”

We also have an abundant supply of natural gas, in that regards, if you are looking to an energy source as the basis for an attraction to the U.S., or fresh water lakes for consumption, and natural springs.

We do have major oil sources that are more than the middle eastern region combined.

Coal is in abundance as well as “shale”.

What it comes down to is we have an abundant amount of “natural resources” that would attract people in the future for whatever they have found to deem necessary to use in order to survive. It will depend on what is developed or invented in order to “harness” “modify” or “extract” our resources that will ultimately “attract people in the future”.

Paul Your Questions About What Natural Resources Does The United States Have

Paul asks…

What toll with the population take on the United States Natural Resources in the next 1000 years?

I am in a class called Critical Thinking and this was the question my teacher asked me to figure out. I have 3 presentations to do on it, I have already done one, but now I need to find research on this. Can anyone help?
I am running out of time on this…..please can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chip answers:

I don’t necessarily think we should be thinking in 1000 year terms in the manner of this question. Already we’re seeing great depletion of almost every natural resource America had before becoming a fully developed, civilized nation. There is hardly any oil left in the states [that we know of], everywhere you drive open habitats for grassland animals are being destroyed in favor of Home Depots, Lowes and Wallmarts that have counterparts five miles down the road. We used to dump trash in the ocean [that wasn't smart was it?] and we’re starting to severely pay for that now, as well as our destruction of the Everglades and other natural habitats for animals that are unique and most often endangered, our gross use of fossil fuels. With the new generation there is the possibility that this could in fact worsen and destroy all that is natural in the U.S, or with more programs and general awareness we could see a change that could give us more natural resources than we have currently.

Sharon Your Questions About What Natural Resources Does The United States Have

Sharon asks…

what natural resources does the United States had that attracted people in the past to come here?

Chip answers:

I would have to argue with “The Champ”. The United States has attracted tons of people in the past. The California Gold rush attracted tons of people, mostly the Chinese. There may not have been many resources, but those few resources attracted many many people.

Also, it might sound weird, but the United States has attracted people because we have tolerance, which you could argue is a natural resource. That is what really attracted people, like in World War II, our ability to accept people and their beliefs (religion mostly). That is why we are still attracting people.

One last thing that attracted people is MONEY. Although it is not a natural resource, it still attracted people. Many of the greatest scientific minds came to the United States because we have tolerance and MONEY. That combination, and the whispers of mountains of gold, why would anyone not want to come to the United States of America?

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Major Resources Of China


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Mandy Major Resources Of China

Mandy asks…

What is the worse that can happen if Canada sells too many of it’s major resources to super powers like China?

I am wondering what affect selling too many resources to another richer country would have? How would it affect our economy and jobs, or would it?

Chip answers:

For our economy it would be good, however, jobs will inevitably get outsourced. Its the way forth with capitalisms failed model

Maria Major Resources Of China

Maria asks…

what do you think of this war scenario (need oppinions)?

I am a writer pretty much working on my own on this story. I have no one really to turn to other then sources declassified for public use. I may be so far off on my idea that its funny but i have gotten some interesting oppinions from some writers i have talked to through emails.

Russia, (not sure when) is in termoil. Tired of a government that cant seem to run the country properly (various reasons), seperatists plan to put pressure on the government to stand down from power. Their plan, reistablish a imperial style government (perhaps even rebuild the Soviet Union).

They have seized key locations in Russia, Siberia, and have several allies in the former republics.

Russian forces attempt a quick attack by their best troops to thrawt the civil war and are defeated. This leaves the two forces in a even shooting war.

The United Nations is not sure how to handle the crisis and is not hurrying to build a force to send. However the United States sees several problems could happen with a unstable Russia. These include a uncontrolled military as well as the nuclear weapons they own.

The United States sends forces in, and takes side with Moscow, but finds access to runways and other bases very limited or not at all since fighting and time has damaged a lot of them.

Using Emergency runway building the US builds temporary bases where needed. The battle goes from there as the US, Russia, and the Seperatists fight for control.


and this is my problem.

China is a huge importer of resources (some 70% or more) including oil and other items. Russia is a huge mostly untapped bed of major resources. China would probably gladly take posestion of oil fields and such if the chance was there.

NATO wants to expand its horizons into a unstable Russia to fortify its position. A good example has been Georgia lately.

My idea is that the US suddendly could find itself on a greater war if it cant stabilize Russia fast enough. It must decide if NATO’s plans are in its best interests, and how to deal with China on top of that.

No one is sure who is on who’s side in this growing war.

let me know what you think?

Chip answers:

Sure, why not. It’s a possible scenario, i guess. I’m assuming your ideas for the book sparked from recent global events. Nonetheless, i don’t see the US going to war with the Russia anytime soon, given the fact we can’t afford it. Moreover, considering were already in Iraq and Afghanistan, taking on the Russia would be insane.

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